What is SchoolRooms™

So what is SchoolRooms?

A new kind of learning environment that brings together the best content from all sources into a single portal that's aimed at meeting the real needs of real students (parents and educators, too!) in real schools.

What is SchoolRooms?

A new kind of learning environment, SchoolRooms offers unique benefits to students, parents, and educators.

SchoolRooms™ stands apart from other K-12 portals by starting with the curriculum itself and then searching for the best content to support and reflect state and national standards. This makes all the difference.

Clear focus on curriculum

Because it's curriculum-based, SchoolRooms fits perfectly into students' overall learning process. SchoolRooms organizes topics the same way students come across them in their school work and it's all aligned with national and state guidelines.

Feature: Best K-12 Content AvailableAn unparalleled K-12 learning environment

  • SchoolRooms is a state-of-the-art Web site designed to help students explore, discover, and learn.
  • SchoolRooms integrates thousands of pages of multimedia content, Web links, and powerful search capabilities - all within the context of K-12 curriculum.
  • SchoolRooms uses subject-oriented 'virtual rooms' where visitors find the relevant resources and information that meet their needs.

Teacher-approved, student-tested.

All the pages in SchoolRooms were built by teachers and librarians - the people who know exactly what topics have to be covered and where to find the best information.

When an organization makes an investment in SchoolRooms, it gets the backing of a global company with the infrastructure in place to meet the market's ever-changing needs. With offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, and 650 employees worldwide, SirsiDynix is a company clients can rely on today and into the future.

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