Case Study: SchoolRooms™ in Action

Screenshot: Boston Public Library

Boston Public Library
As the first City and Public Library to implement SchoolRooms™, Boston Public Library (BPL) now provides 24x7 access to a wide variety of K-12 resources in one integrated interface for hundreds of thousands of students, parents, and educators where they need it when they need it. Since October 2006, SchoolRooms has been available both remotely and in BPL's 27 branches through its website
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Screenshot: INFOhio

As the collaborative partner with SirsiDynix for the development of SchoolRooms, INFOhio is truly seeing an idea come to life. Over 140 Ohio teachers and librarians helped develop 71 virtual rooms of content to meet National Standards for the K-12 curriculum. INFOhio will begin a state-wide deployment of SchoolRooms beginning October 2006 for two districts, Shaker Heights and Kalida. For more information on the INFOhio project and planned roll-out of SchoolRooms to 1.8 million students state-wide visit,
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Screenshot: Sussex School District (Delaware)

Sussex School District (Delaware)
Since October 2, 2006, the Sussex Technical High School in Georgetown, Delaware, has been using SchoolRooms as the first pilot of SchoolRooms in the state. The pilot is a project spearheaded by the Delaware Division of Libraries with support from the Governor's Task Force on School Libraries. Plans are to pilot SchoolRooms in one district and look at rolling out the product to other school and public libraries throughout the state over the next year.
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Screenshot: Beacon Charter Schools (City of Philadelphia)

Beacon Charter Schools (City of Philadelphia)
Beginning in November 2006, thousands of Philadelphia-area K-12 students participating in after-hours programs in America's fifth largest city will be using the City of Philadelphia SchoolRooms™. PSS programs, consisting of Afterschool, Beacon Programs and 21st Century Community Learning Centers, contribute to improved school attendance and performance, and provide safe places for children, youth, families, and community residents, of all ages, to spend time interacting and to focus on learning. The addition of SchoolRooms™ to these programs also supports a violence prevention and reduction plan being conducted by the City of Philadelphia.
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