Teachers Use SchoolRooms

Unlike many K-12 Web sites, SchoolRooms™ didn't start with content and make it 'fit' the K-12 curriculum. Just the opposite. Starting with the curriculum - and the needs of the community, including students, teachers, and parents - the team built content and features to meet those needs.

SchoolRooms is built around the K-12 curriculum. The SchoolRooms team analyzed state standards for:

  • California
  • New York
  • Florida
  • Texas
  • Ohio

They created a superset that fused all five state curricula into one all-inclusive curriculum that forms the taxonomic framework of the SchoolRooms portal.

Next, teachers and librarians built each page - aligned to that framework - using only the best content.

Teachers know the curricula. Librarians know where to find quality information. It's the perfect partnership: teachers and librarians working together to connect educational objectives with the resources needed to help students succeed (and to help parents help them succeed)!

This curriculum-based structure lays out the subjects students study at three different levels: elementary, middle, and high school. Aligned with this taxonomy, teachers and librarians built subject-based 'rooms' in which quality content, Web links, and advanced search capabilities are brought together to create a dynamic, engaging environment.

Teacher-approved, student-tested.