SiteSource Best of Web

The Value of Best of Web

Best of Web™ ensures great results

SiteSource Best of Web search feature is unique to SchoolRooms™. Unlike normal Web searches that return millions of hits that students must wade through - with no guarantee of the quality of the hits - SiteSource Best of Web searches yield only high-quality, relevant hits. How? By searching only the Web sites that were hand-picked by the teachers and librarians that built SchoolRooms.

Here's how it works

All the Web sites certified to be included in SchoolRooms are 'crawled' for keywords and concepts and then 'indexed' for quick, focused searching. Thousands of the world's best Web sites - all aligned to the K-12 curriculum - create a high-quality miniweb that can be searched quickly and that yields only high-quality results. Another important advantage Best of Web brings to SchoolRooms is the ability to target grade- and age-appropriate content.

What Students Are Saying

"I found the site very cool and think it could help my school performance."

Appropriate Web sites for elementary students are often entirely different from those used by middle and high school students. So, using SiteSource Best of Web searches, students at different grade levels will only see results that are right for them.

For elementary students, the Web at-large can be turned off, and results returned only from the Best of Web, ensuring that younger learners do not end up at the wrong Web sites.

Certified by Teachers and Librarians

Why Have Best of Web

Best of Web makes sure the very best, most relevant results make it to the top.

Best of Web includes 23,000+ Web sites hand-picked by teachers and librarians - all aligned to the K-12 curriculum. SchoolRooms crawls and indexes over 5 million pages associated with the Web sites in SiteSource Best of Web to create a mini-web of the highest-quality, most-relevant information.