What's in SchoolRooms™

SchoolRooms™ offers...

  • 71 virtual rooms of content for elementary, middle, and high school levels (Check out the full listing of virtual rooms here)
  • Nearly 2,000 unique page views for students to visit 23,000+ links to high-quality Web sites
  • More than 5 million Web pages crawled and indexed for Best of Web™

K-12 curriculum

Most K-12 portals on the market today simply align commercial content with the K-12 curriculum. SchoolRooms, on the other hand, starts with the curriculum as the underlying structure. The editors who built SchoolRooms (teachers and librarians) then sought out high-quality content that met their educational objectives - from many different sources.


What's in SchoolRooms?

Best K-12 content available.

SchoolRooms draws on more than:

  • 15 million videos
  • Audio recordings
  • Photographs
  • Digital images

SchoolRooms' Special Features

SchoolRooms also has many special features like Fun & Games, What's That?, and How Do I?, which add interactivity and make the site more engaging, and they are all linked to the basic curriculum, leading the students deeper and deeper into the subjects they are studying.

SchoolRooms incorporates the best in multimedia and interactive content, all selected and approved - and aligned with specific educational objectives - by teachers, media experts, and librarians, at three different levels (elementary school, middle school, and high school).

Web Links

The same is true for Web links. Only the best sites are used in SchoolRooms. Every site is reviewed and certified by teachers and librarians to ensure it is accurate, up-to-date, and age appropriate.

Because today's K-12 students are so visually oriented and accustomed to vivid, dynamic images on the Web, SchoolRooms features the most engaging digital content available.

   Exploration,    discovery,   and    learning don't have to be boring.


SchoolRooms is proof of that.