How Does SchoolRooms™ Work

Easy to implement, maintain, and customize

Hardware investments, software upgrades. These are typical concerns of organizations interested in implementing strategic solutions like SchoolRooms™. That's why SchoolRooms is delivered via the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. What benefits does the SaaS delivery model provide?

First, SchoolRooms requires no hardware investments or maintenance, because the portal is fully hosted by SirsiDynix and runs on secure servers at the SirsiDynix state-of-the-art computer center in Atlanta, Georgia. All the necessary hardware to support SchoolRooms is taken care of, as are software maintenance and the support services required to keep the system up and running, 24/7. All students (and parents!) need to access SchoolRooms is a standard Web browser.

And second, SchoolRooms content is also managed on SirsiDynix servers, which means all content updates are delivered automatically to SchoolRooms client sites by the SirsiDynix content team. (Although the basic structure of the curriculum does not change during the school year, we update all the rooms regularly to ensure the site is dynamic and engaging for the students).

What about customization? More good news: each implementation of SchoolRooms is completely independent, so each client can customize their system to meet local needs.

SchoolRooms comes with a 'Builder' tool that enables clients to edit existing SchoolRooms content and even create entirely new rooms and modules that address unique needs.

All this means that SchoolRooms can be turned 'on' - for a school district or a city or county - at the flick of a switch. Then clients can customize the site at their own pace, by using the 'Builder' or contracting the SirsiDynix content team to build rooms for them.

Easy as ABC

  1. No hardware or software requirements - it's all run at SirsiDynix
  2. Automatic content updates - updates are automatically posted to each site
  3. Easy to customize - use the Builder to create custom pages in minutes

All SchoolRooms sites are run by SirsiDynix at its main server farm in Atlanta, Georgia. SirsiDynix takes care of all hardware, software upgrades, and content updates. SirsiDynix also makes ensure there is always enough bandwidth to ensure the sites are fast.

Even though SchoolRooms sites are run by SirsiDynix, clients have their own 'copy' and can customize their site to reflect local history or include special Web sites they have identified themselves. Above is a page in U.S. History that Boston Public Library custom-built on the Boston Tea Party. Currently, it appears only on the Boston site. SirsiDynix plans, however, to make such custom modules available to other clients if they wish to use them. In this way SchoolRooms will truly become a collaborative educational site, reflecting the work of contributors across the country.

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