Why Students Like SchoolRooms™ : Search


quick, easy, and on-target

SchoolRooms™ incorporates powerful search technologies that make it possible for students to spend less time searching for information and more time using it. In SchoolRooms, students can make a single, simultaneous search of all the resources available to them:

  • Books from local school and public libraries
  • Electronic databases of magazines and journals
  • Reference materials - dictionaries, thesauri, encyclopedia
  • Digital archives of photographs, videos, and other media
  • Web sites
  • Best of Web™

These powerful search capabilities ensure that SchoolRooms yields the most meaningful search results - while still being easy to use.

Easy to Search

A drop-down box allows students to search by keyword, type of material, and source.

More Relevant Results

But what about all the irrelevant search results students are accustomed to wading through to find what they really are looking for? Because SchoolRooms knows what 'virtual room' a student is visiting, SchoolRooms helps ensure that search results are on-target. For example, if the student searches for 'Mercury' within the astronomy room, the student won't get results on outboard motors, automobiles, or Roman gods - but only on the planet Mercury. This helps eliminate the (literally!) millions of results that would come back from typing the search term in a standard search engine.

An additional benefit of SchoolRooms' search capabilities is related to the tremendous investments schools and libraries make in electronic resources, which often go underutilized because of the difficulty associated with searching each database one at a time. With SchoolRooms, all sources are searched simultaneously.