Students Use SchoolRooms™

SchoolRooms™ by SirsiDynix is a new online portal that encourages K-12 students to explore, discover, and learn. Anywhere. Anytime. Using SchoolRooms, students can search libraries, interactive educational media, and the Web - all at once - to find resources hand-selected by educators to meet their needs. SchoolRooms also helps parents play a bigger role in helping their children learn and succeed in school.

What students like most about SchoolRooms

  • Exploring subjects
  • Searching all sources at once
  • Enjoying its ease of use
  • Benefitting from pre-organized information
  • Being engaged by graphics and images

An Unparalleled K-12 Learning Environment

SchoolRooms is a state-of-the-art Web site designed to help students explore, discover, and learn. SchoolRooms integrates thousands of pages of multimedia content, Web links, and powerful search capabilities - all within the context of K-12 curriculum. In subject-oriented 'virtual rooms,' visitors find the relevant resources and information that meets their needs - from researching a paper to better understanding new concepts to simply delving deeper into an area of special interest.

Student Tested

Once the prototype was selected, reviewed, and certified by teachers and librarians, it faced the final test: students… In January 2005, a field test was conducted with approximately 1,000 students from all grade levels in the Shaker Heights School District in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Results Were Very Positive

What Students Say

Eighty-eight percent of students say they wanted to use SchoolRooms again to help with homework.
  • 88% of students said they would like to use SchoolRooms again
  • 51% said they prefer SchoolRooms to sites like Google and Yahoo!
  • 49% said they accomplished more using SchoolRooms than otherwise
  • 70% said they thought SchoolRooms looked 'really good'
  • 58% said using SchoolRooms was 'fun'