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For most parents, it's been quite a while since they studied history or science, not to mention math! Yet they play an important role in the learning process. Indeed, a parent's role in the success of his or her child's education can be as important, if not more important, than the teacher's role.

But how do parents keep current on subjects their children are studying?

SchoolRooms™ Helps Parents Keep Current

SchoolRooms™ can help. At every level - elementary, middle, and high school - SchoolRooms offers resources to help parents, including refresher courses on key subjects. In addition, the Parent Room also features:

  • Recommended books
  • Web sites
  • Other resources on subjects like bullying, dating, body image, nutrition, and substance abuse

From information on national programs like No Child Left Behind, to the latest books on Internet safety, the Parent Room is an invaluable resource for today's K-12 parents.


SchoolRooms Parent Room

The SchoolRooms Parent Rooms offer helpful information like:

  • Hundreds of pages of information on study habits, special programs, and testing and achievement
  • Featured books on peer pressure, body image, bullying, and other key issues facing kids today
  • Links to important sites for special needs, national and local programs, and homeschooling
  • Homework Helper to help parents brush up on school subjects so they can help their kids study