SchoolRooms™ was built by more than 200 teachers, librarians, educational consultants and usability experts who were brought together by SirsiDynix, INFOhio, and the Kent State University School of Library and Information Science. This collaboration of professionals produced more than 70 virtual rooms and more than 20,000 hand-selected Web sites.

Working in Teacher-Librarian Teams

The contributors attended a week-long workshop hosted by Kent State University and conducted by SirsiDynix to participate in sessions where they drew from their educational expertise to create what is now the SchoolRooms product. Working in teacher-librarian teams, the contributors selected Web sites and created editorial content that is standards-based and age appropriate for all students.

Working together, the contributors created a powerful, on-point, standards-based resource that can be delivered online to help everyone in the K-12 community. Organized by subject, the content featured in SchoolRooms was selected, reviewed, and certified by teachers and librarians. This includes every Web site SchoolRooms links to - and crawls and indexes - as part of the Best of Web™ feature, and all of the interactive media featured throughout the portal.

Learn More about the Contributors

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To learn more about the professionals who made SchoolRooms possible, read their individual bios: