Case Study: Beacon Charter Schools

Screenshot: Beacon Charter Schools (City of Philadelphia)

Beginning in November 2006, thousands of Philadelphia-area K-12 students participating in after-hours programs in America's fifth largest city will be using the City of Philadelphia SchoolRooms™. PSS programs, consisting of Afterschool, Beacon Programs and 21st Century Community Learning Centers, contribute to improved school attendance and performance, and provide safe places for children, youth, families, and community residents, of all ages, to spend time interacting and to focus on learning. The addition of SchoolRooms™ to these programs also supports a violence prevention and reduction plan being conducted by the City of Philadelphia.

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Philadelphia Safe and Sound is a leading child advocacy agency. Its mission is to improve the health and well-being of children and youth in Philadelphia. PSS manages 135 Afterschool programs, 24 21st Century Community Learning Centers, and 30 Beacon Programs. The agency fosters change and reform within major public systems that serve children and families. This is accomplished in collaboration with government, foundations, corporations, and community groups through the integration and leveraging of resources, research, policy analysis, and program development. For more information, please see .

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  • Full SchoolRooms™ Subscription
  • Best of Web product
  • Plans to customize site with the integration of Pennsylvania state standards content (PA History, Geography, etc.)
  • Plans to integrate program resources and activities information into SchoolRooms™

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"Every child deserves the right to grow up healthy and safe and lead a life of unlimited promise. These programs are designed to be a safe haven in our communities and to provide young people with educational assistance and enrichment, and SchoolRooms™ is a perfect fit with our mission and our vision. It provides education resources that have been hand-selected by teachers specifically for elementary, middle and high school students. Parents can also use SchoolRooms™ hundreds of pages of information on helping their children learn better. Improved academic performance for our young people is a cornerstone of rebuilding our communities. SchoolRooms™ is an excellent way of helping us." – Gus Kierans, vice president, Best Practices

Gus Kierans
Vice President, Best Practices
Philadelphia Safe and Sound